2nd blog

If it seems if my first blog seems unfinished, it is. I started out soooo enthusiastic when I wrote the blog, then petered out 20 mins into it, then lost interest.

I honestly don’t know how people can feel strongly about something for long periods of time. Soooo exhausting.

So I’ll keep my blogs short. Who knows, maybe I’ll put some kitten pictures as filler. :)

my belle epoque

so, I’m watching a documentary on Woody Allen documentary, (I’ve been obsessed lately by him-especially after his golden globe lifetime achievement award), and I remembered the movie “midnight in Paris”, and it’s main theme of how we romanticize the times, the epochs prior to our time.  In that film, the main protagonist  wishes he was back in the time of Dali, Picasso, Hemmingway (what’s that, the 40’s?  I don’t know, I could google that, but I’m lazy), and magically gets transported to that time, and he meets the love of his life there, who wishes she could go back to the belle epoque in france (what’s that, turn of the century?)
*btw, if you’re gonna keep reading this, you’re gonna see that theme, of how lazy I am repeated over, and over.
moving on, My belle epoque would have to be the 60’s/70’s
My medium of choice is film.  I love films.  Alas, as magical as I think it is, I don’t go watch theatre.  I love music, but I like contemporary music as much as I like music from the past (mind you, actually, I do have a love affair with 90’s hip hop).  Movies are what I love though, what inspires me, what has given me a lopsided view of reality. :)
what I loved about movies of that era, was how it wasn’t afraid to take its time.  there’s a scene in ”the good, the bad, the ugly” where it takes clint east wood like a full minute to walk down a sand dune, there’s the opening sequence in ”apocalypse not” where martin sheen goes apeshit for what seems like forever. 
my favourite comedy of all time is “being there” (1979), and love how it is not afraid to be still.  Stillness is something that we have lost so much in north American cinema
(mind you, Ang lee is a master of stillness,.brokeback mountain will break your heart with its stillness)
There’s just so many cuts with so many films
……mind you, I take that back, there’s films that today that are not scared of quietness, maybe I’ve been watching too many superhero movies lately.
I don’t know, to me those movies described an America that felt raw-I’m thinking midnight cowboy